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CEO and Chairman Of The Board: Subsidiaries and Associate Companies
Riaan Steyn

Traxtudio Holdings International started off in the bedroom of Riaan Steyn in 1994. He is still the CEO of the group today. Riaan is an internationally-acclaimed (classical) pianist, organist, orchestrator, arranger, producer and composer with many international music awards behind his name and has worked on more than 500 albums up to date.

Riaan is also a highly-acclaimed hymnologist and obtained a Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree, as well as Licentiate (Cum Laude), from the University of Stellenbosch.

Jacques le Roux (Professional Accountant SA)

Petrus Jacobus le Roux, matriculated at Tygerberg High School in 2000, completed Accounting Diploma in 2003 at Northlink College, Completed BTech Cost and Management Accounting degree in 2004 at Cape Peninsula University of Technology (previously Cape Tech); completed articles at C2M Chartered Accountants Inc. in 2007 and Qualified as a Professional Account in 2008. From 2008 – 2011 le Roux was manager of the small business department at C2M Chartered Accountants Inc. From Nov 2011 Jacques was the Financial Manager at Bergflora Cape Town and qualified as an Independent Reviewer in 2013.

CLO (Chief Legal Officer)
Janlo Fourie LLB (Senior Associate)

Janlo studied at the Universities of Stellenbosch and South Africa (UNISA) and graduated with LLB, E-Commerce, Company Law, Banking Law, World Trade Law, International Transport Law, Law of Damages. Fourie is a senior associate at Nielen Marais Incorporated and the CLO (Chief Legal Officer) of Traxtudio Holdings International.
Janlo is also the senior associate of the Media and Entertainment Attorney Practice of Traxtudio Consult.

Franchisee and Director: Traxtudio Boland
Wynand Breedt

Wynand Breedt is an exciting new South African born and bred singer originating from the Northern Suburbs of Cape Town and now residing in the Boland Area. Wynand’s music genre ranges from ballads with a deeper meaning to something with a beat, to dance to. His vocal range allows him to sing with a deep low voice filled with warmth and passion. Indeed one of his affectionate nick names is Mr Bass-man! This is but the tip of the iceberg!

Wynand’s public singing started at 8 years old when he sang as a first soprano. He was a member of numerous choirs, including the Tygerberg Youth Choir where he started singing aged 13. During these early years Wynand participated in annual Eisteddfods and singing competitions. At aged 15, he joined the Cape Youth Choir starting as a first soprano, quickly becoming the deep bass Wynand is today. Mr Bass-man was born. At this time he commenced private vocal lessons which helped him develop his solo vocal career, allowing him to participate in musical productions such as Jukebox Mania amongst others. Over the following years Wynand continued singing in front of live audiences either as a solo artist or part of groups in various productions.

Later down the line, Wynand decided to diversify his musical skills by studying to become a music tutor, focusing on beginner students. This let to the birth of Wynand’s Music Studio. During this process he revisited his long held dream to record his own album. Through good fortune and being introduced to Riaan Steyn from Traxtudio, this dream has become a reality. And so his first album “GEE MY EEN WENS” was produced and released.

Wynand recently bought the Traxtudio Boland Franchise - a digital recording studio on the Fleury Farm in the Nuy-Valley, Worcester.

Director: TRAXMEDIA (Pty) Ltd
Dr Ifriky Sokeng Tadadjeu

Academic Background

Ifriky Tadadjeu obtained a BSc in Physics with a minor in Computer Science from the University of Buea, in Cameroon. He then obtained a BTech and MTech in Electrical Engineering from the Cape Peninsula University of Technology, and a MSc in Electrical and Electronics engineering from Ecole superieure d'Ingenieurs en Electrotechnique et Electronique/French South African Institute of Technology (F'SATI), France. In 2011, he represented his institution at the MIC1 competition where his team (made up of students from CPUT and the Stellenbosch University) was semi-finalist. In 2012, he assisted in the coaching of the CPUT teams for the MIC2 competition. One of the 3 teams competing that year won the Business category of MIC2. In 2013 he was approached by Heliocentric ZA to consult on their Single Event effects Testing procedures. Still in 2013 he became National Point of Contact for Cameroon in the Space Generation Advisory Council (SGAC).

He was also the UNISEC student representative for Southern Africa, and attended the 1st UNISEC-Global meeting in Tokyo, Japan. He pioneered the nano3 initiative, which he initiated in order to promote innovation in nano-science and nano-technology applicable to nano-satellite platforms. This initiative brings together CPUT/F'SATI, the University of South Africa (UNISA), and iThemba LABS-National Research Foundation of South Africa. In 2015 he completed a doctorate degree in the F'SATI Space program.

His research focuses on the effects of low energy space radiation on high density semiconductor devices, and on the space applicability of new technologies.

Music Background

Ifriky Tadadjeu started his music journey at the age of 15 as a tenor in "Chorale Notre Dame de Lourdes" in Yaounde, Cameroon, under maestro Francois Junior Ndong. During his first years into music, he mostly learned from books, workshops and other music directors including maestro Reymond Pende and maestro Isaac Sapouma. After about 4 years of hard work, he had learned enough to become a choral conductor, first as an assistant to Maestro Ndong, then as music director of "Choeur D'anges" choir in Buea, Cameroon. While he was quickly noticed as an upcoming music director in Yaounde, he co-founded the still active "Joy Spirit Singers" with his friend, the tenor Geraud Modeste Nlateu. At the same time he developed as a tenor soloist and composer. In 2006 he engaged in competitions and over the following two years he won various prized in Cameroon both as a contestant and as a coach.

He met Prof Kamal Khan, director of the University of Cape Town Opera School, in 2009 after he moved to Cape Town, South Africa, to further his studies. Working with Prof. Khan marked a major part of his development as a singer. He explored the different facets of his lyric voice and quickly began to be noticed in Cape Town as a cross-over lyric tenor. Still in 2009, he joined the Assumption Catholic Church music ensemble, which was later called "Fine Assumption Band". He co-initiated an annual FAB concert which hugely contributed to the development of the music at the parish and the members of the band.

He began performing more and more in Cape Town as a guest artist in a number of corporate functions and concerts, including the prestigious "Ball of Hope". Between 2010 and 2012 he met international sopranos Sally Presant Nicholls, Aviva Pelham, Sibongile Mngoma and Wendy Fine. They contributed hugely to his building as they shared their experiences and gave him advice on the way forward on his musical journey.

His drive for musical innovation is the reason why he started the "Ifriky Music Projects" concept. Some of these "music projects" include the concert series and recording project called "For the Love of Music", and the concert concept called "A Voice Unleashed". He also puts together his compositions which he does not classify as belonging to any particular genre, as he allows the listeners to classify them however they wish. They include "It's OK", "Sei Tu", "If I Fall", "The Songs that Come with Pain", "For Them", and many others.

Director: TRAXMEDIA (Pty) Ltd and CMO (Chief Marketing Officer)
Etienne Smit

Certified in Real Estate Management, Theology, and Arts, coupled with more than 20 years of retail and management experience, Etienne Smit brings his diverse experience and unique eye for detail to marketing management.

Service excellence, customer satisfaction and relationship building are the pillars of his ethos, and careful consideration is invested to ensure that his company’s brand reflects these principles in all dimensions. His vision is to, through forward thinking, establish Traxtudio International as a household name, a true, strategic entertainment and corporate media partner.

M.D. (Australia)
Esme Bredenhann

Esme is the Managing Director of Traxtudio Australia. She started off at Traxtudio as a voice over artist responsible for all voice overs of corporate clients like Sanlam and Santam in 2006. She manages Traxtudio’s portfolio in Australia.

M.D. (Namibia)
Dewald du Plessis

Dewald has been in the professional audio industry from 2011 and specializes in the following:

• Live sound reinforcement and production
• Lighting programming and design
• Stage setup and design
• Live sound recording
• Studio sound recording and production
• Sound editing
• Instrument and vocal artist
• Song Writer and composer

Traxtudio Namibia has been opened in 2014 by Dewald Du Plessis in cooperation with the founder and owner of Traxtudio International Riaan Steyn.

M.D. (Europe)
Jolle Schrale/Sam Mere Bester

Sam Bester is the National Director and Performance Coach for The World Championships of Performing Arts for The United Kingdom, The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, UAE and Austria. Sam has been involved in Performing Arts all her life and the World Championships have always been a fundamental part of it; Already winning first place for Musical/Broadway at the age of 13 in South Africa and being the youngest winner ever of the Tommy Hillfiger songwriter’s competition which landed her to sing on South Africa’s number one radio station – She was 13 year’s old then. Bester attended the La Musique Performing Arts School in South Africa and has studied Applied Business Science, English, Law and I’m a qualified coach. “I look forward to many more years in the performing arts and music industry!”

Director: Traxtudio Acoustic Engineering
Bendery Mostert

Andrias Benjamin Bendery Mostert is a Professional Senior Architectural Technologist and cofounder of Studio ABM.

In Bendery’s short Professional career he has assisted and completed projects from a variety of sectors within the Architectural field such as:

Municipal: Main-stations / Sub-stations / Electrical depots

Residential: 50 unit Apartment complex / High-range Residential / Mid-range residential

Educational: University lecture hall complex

Industrial: High-range factories

Interior: Offices / Retail complex / Retail Lobbies

Bendery’s objective in the creative realm is to grow through diversity.

Yes it is important to do the basics well, but architecture is ever-evolving and a professional must be able to adapt.

Architecture will always have a responsibility to design and good practice but it is a creative medium where the author can really express himself to the fullest.

SACAP registrasie nommer: PSAT20689

Head Engineer
Ettienne Lane

Ettienne Lane started he’s career as music producer and sound engineer in 1999 after studying at the Conservatory of Arts and Culture in Pretoria. Through the years he worked with numerous acts and artists like Bobby van Jaarsveld, Danie Botha, Corlea Botha, Ghapi and others. Ettienne is surely one of the best in the field and is also the Head Engineer of Traxtudio Holdings International.

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